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COTE-D'IVOIRE (Ivory Coast)
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ICT engineer, with 15 years of experience in analysis, design and management of computers, systems and enterprises Services (Public, Private, Multilateral). Including 5 years of technical collaboration (front-Office and back-office) and, one (01) year of purchase order / (Acquisition), by tender international as Consultant. Geographic Information System (maps) as specialist of periodic reporting. Microsoft Certified Professional - (MCP). Certified to First Aid (Red Cross). Communication skills for trainings and seminars.

Required employment

Required status: Permanent (CDI), Contractual (CDD) or freelance,
Graduate: University degree + Certification
Availability (s): Immediate and function of the project

 The most representative achievements

- Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and IT Project Management,
- Strategy, CIO, Webmaster Internet / Intranet and Extranet
- Design and implementation of databases, software architecture consulting,
- Support Specialist (Front and Back Office) on SAP, LAN-WAN, MS Office and Open Source
- Procurement Specialist in ICT and Tenders,
- Definition and Design Terms of Reference, Tender charges and Blueprint
- Enterprise Resource Planning Platform Solution and Telework.

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2007 - Nov.

IFFC International First Consult Corporation

The incivility of Customers, verbal conflicts, evil of the Century, even in company.

2006 - Aug.

Advencia - SPG Groupe

Customer Assistance of applications running under Microsoft Windows XP Pro operating system.

2006 - Jul.

Advencia - SPG Groupe

Customer Assistance under Microsoft Windows XP Pro operating system.

2006 - Jun.

Tunisian Red Cross

First aid.

2006 - May

Tel Ecole Center

IT - Assistant and Help by phone.

2005 - Aug.

The school of fire and safety

Fire protection.

2005 - Jun.

SPG Services

Implementation and Customer Support of Windows XP Pro.

2005 - Mai

African Development Bank 


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Microsoft Certified Professional


Universite Libre de Tunis

Computer science Engineer


Universite Libre de Tunis

DUT Informatique


Lycee Technique de Port-Gentil

Baccalaurat Francais en Electronique

Current & History employments/contracts« | Top | »




NTIC Africa & Aleph Consult

    -     / 2010-10

Designing ISP Architectures - Build and Deploy an Linux based hosting application porfolio, under Ubuntu & Debian Lenny

Vision NET S.A.R.L

2010-09  / 2010-03  

Consulting, in ICT Business Licence - ISPs (Internet service provider and Internet operator) in COTE D'IVOIRE

Banque Africaine de Developpement et ICA (Infrastructure Consortium for Africa)

2010-08 / 2009-04

ICT Consultant SIG - African Development Report 2010 et ICA Annual Report 2009.

OHADA / Cour Commune de Justice de d'Arbitrage

2010-02 /  2009-04

IT Consultant - Projet d'informatisation du Registre de Commerce et du Credit Mobilier.

African Development Bank (Externals Relations and Comm. Unit)

2008-04 /  2008-06

Web engineer

African Development Bank (Lan, Telecom & User Support division)

2005-07 / 2008-03

Service-Desk Analyst

African Development Bank (Lan, Telecom & User Support division)

2004-11 / 2005-06

User-Support Specialist

Web Agency (SINEQUE)

2002-09 / 2004-10

Project Manager & Co-fondateur

IT Company (ORIS)

2001-11 / 2002-08

Process Analyst

Finance Company (FINATECH SARL)

2001-02 / 2000-08

Computer Technician and Programmer

Main responsibilities« | Top | »

Closed projects / Missions : (1) African Dev. Report 2010 (2) ICA Annual Report 2009 (3) ICT Regional RCCM-OHADA

Since 2009 up to Mar. 2010

OINF (Infrastructure Operation Department BAD),
ICA (Infrastructure Consortium for Africa),
CCJA/OHADA (Cour Commune de Justice et d'Arbitrage)

- Strategy plan for Information Technology of RCCM-OHADA,
- Consulting on Geographic Information Systems,
- Projects Portfolio and Data Analysis,
- Workshop and training.


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GIS Consultant & Infrastructures Projects Analyst      from 2009-10 to 2010-07
Infrastructure Consortium for Africa (ICA)

- Analysis of data mapping and 132 illustrations in agreement with the themes of Annual Report on Infrastructures in Africa 2009.
- Collaboration with experts from ICA Expertes
(see http://directory.nticafrica.org/index.php?d=ICA_Annual_Report_2009)

Procurement Project Management for Regional Trade Registry        from 2009-04 to 2010-03
(Common Court of Justice and Arbitration)

- Analysis and drafting of terms of reference RCCM-OHADA
- Managing the procurement process depending on the model African Development Bank, under the control and supervision of OHADA, the World Bank and the French Cooperation,
- Administrative management of project and procurement (see http://ohada.nticafrica.org)
- Workshops and training missions and information in Cotonou (Benin), N'Djamena (CHAD)

GIS Consultant     from 2009-10 to 2010-02
AFRICAN DEVELOPMENT BANK (Dept. Statistics and Research)

- Analysis of data mapping and 10 illustrations in agreement with the themes of Annual Report on Development in Africa 2010 event.
- Collaboration with experts from the Bank and the University Press, Oxford
(see http://directory.nticafrica.org/index.php?d=African_Development_Report_2010)

Web coordinator  from 2008-04 to 2008-06
AFRICAN DEVELOPMENT BANK (Externals Relations and Comm. Unit - ERCU)

- Design and update information to bank web site,
- Organize trainings and assistances to all vice-president complex,
- Improve information architecture and system performance,
- Collaborate with web writers (focus point) over-Committee meetings.
Service Desk Analyst        from 2005-07 to 2008-03
AFRICAN DEVELOPMENT BANK (Lan, Telecom & User Support division)

- Top level support (Front office),
- Advise and redirect user requests and to extract data for statistical reports and analysis,
- Collect and solve 80% of inquiries of end-users,
- Hold weekly and monthly reports of Service Desk and control dashboard,
- Collaborate with IT teams of 23 regional offices. Set up and maintain the procedures.

User Support Specialist  from 2004-11 to 2005-06
AFRICAN DEVELOPMENT BANK (Lan, Telecom & User Support division)
- Install and configure of users? stations,
- User support and technical assistance,
- Network installation, MS Server 2003 administration and Active Directory,
- Set up of follow-up procedures and collaborate with the various departments and divisions.

Project Manager  from 2002-09 to 2004-10
- Coordinate development and implementation of information technology projects,
- Set up the program of communication and projects integration with all stakeholders,
- Projects follow-up (measures and scoreboard)
- Prepare reports and presentation materials on key performance indicators.

IT Programmer  from 2001-11 to 2002-08
IT company, ORIS
- Design Data base and process analysis,
- Follow-up of tasks schedules in collaboration with project manager,
- Follow-up of technical issues,
- User support.

Internship program Staff  from 2001-02 to 2001-05
Financial company FINATECH, SARL

- Web Project development and maintenance of network applications,
- Improvement and Support of active WEB/network applications,
- Implement assessment and technical analysis under the Microsoft Servers.

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Very good

Very good

Very good

First language





Second language

Technical skill

SAP, CDW, DARMS, VPS, UPS,COSTAB, Windows XP/ 2000/ NT, Office 2000/XP, HP-UX, Visual C++, Oracle 8i Dev suite, DreamWeaver, Flash MX, Easy PHP, Digital Map, MS Project 98/2000, AMCD Designer, COCOMO II, COSTAR, Adobe illustrator, Adobe PhotoShop, Corel Draw, C, C++, PHP4/5 + Apache + MySQL, Java, JavaScript, HTLM, DHTML, XHTML, XML, CSS1, CSS2, SQL, Cshell, Kshell, SMTP, UML ,MERISE, Dreamweaver, NetBeans IDE, Power AMC Design.
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African Development Bank

Infrastructure Consortium for Africa

Organisation pour l'Harmonisation en Afrique du Droit des Affaires

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nTIC Africa


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